Hi, I’m Lis Cashin

I’m on a mission to transform mental wellbeing.

I felt exhausted for many years. I thought I had to push and push to create the life and business I wanted. I was outwardly successful, but I did it through pushing myself really hard and I was feeling exhausted from it all. Inside I didn’t feel worthy of the success I was creating.

Other people admired me and the results I was getting, but I suffered, my relationships suffered, my life suffered… I was giving so much to others, but inside I was running on empty most of the time. I created very unhealthy coping strategies and I felt out of alignment and like an imposter.

Until I had a huge personal awakening, reconnected to the truth of who I really am inside and my whole life began to transform. Slowly, but surely I have learned how to reclaim my personal energy, power and spirit and to use my knowledge gained from over 25 years of personal development plus extensive life experience as the foundation to help others REVIVE their energy and spirit, transform their mental wellbeing and shine their lights brightly in the world. 


Has your inner light been dimmed through years of pushing yourself to succeed? If so, it’s time to recognise your achievements, realise your innate brilliance, revive your spirit and shine your light so brightly – they’re gonna need shades! Click below to start the ball rolling…


Transformational retreats for women

Do you struggle with not feeling enough; good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, etc? Are you tired of playing small? Then these retreats can give you the tools, community and accountability to live your life wholeheartedly on your terms

Mental wellbeing in organisations

 Do you want to build resilience and enable your teams to thrive? Do you want to normalise the conversation and upskill your teams around mental health and trauma?

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 Are you looking for an inspirational speaker? Lis is an award-winning international and TEDx speaker who captivates, moves and inspires with her incredible personal story of overcoming adversity. Find out how you can inspire your audiences here


After reading her book I attended one of Lis’s seminars, which was excellent. I liked her use of a number of different modalities including neuro-linguistic programming.

The follow-up one-to-one sessions via zoom were excellent and really helped me to go from being stuck to seeing a way forward not just professionally but personally as well. Incredibly skilled really kind, compassionate and inspirational professional.

Stephanie Jones

Team Leader


Lis delivered two sessions for us – the first session was on mental health, the stress curve and the subject of personal responsibility and the 2nd was on having powerful conversations.

The feedback from all attendees was that Lis was an outstanding and inspiring trainer who made everyone feel at ease, the attendees took away practical advice communication and identification of areas of stress. The only area for change was that it should be rolled out to everyone across the business !!

Rachel Mahoney

HR Business partner, Addison Lee Group


Lis came into my online membership group on International Women’s Day. She delivered a beautiful keynote – taking her audience through the highs and lows of her story and then expertly giving them step-by-step ideas of how they can implement her teachings into their lives. Everyone left feeling inspired and lifted.

The audience was fully engaged for the whole hour with lots of questions at the end and great feedback. I highly recommend Lis as a speaker – she is brilliant.

Anna Anderson

Founder - Nurture & Nourish system


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