I deliver inspirational and educational keynote talks both on and offline to transform mental wellbeing. Although awareness around mental health is increasing, there is still a long way to go to challenge the shame, stigma and discrimination many of us still face. By learning to speak up and get help if needed, as well as understand the key elements we need to transform our own mental wellbeing we can live happier and more fulfilling lives and be more effective and engaged at work.

Example speaker topics are outlined below, which I adapt to achieve the key outcomes desired by the organisation I am working with. Audiences leave motivated, uplifted and inspired, with powerful takeaways to use immediately at work and home as we all adapt to a rapidly changing world.

I am passionate about changing the narrative around mental health so that no-one has to suffer in shame and silence as I did for many years, following accidentally killing a friend in a tragic accident at school. My mental ill health was my shameful secret for many years and I was unknowingly living with undiagnosed PTSD for over 30 years, which had a profoundly negative impact on my life. I now share what I have learned to give hope to other people who are struggling as well as to outline a route map out of suffering, to transforming mental wellbeing. Watch my TEDx talk below to find out more about my story.

Speaker topics include…

Building mental & emotional resilience



Shame & self-forgiveness



The journey to mental wellbeing

Psychological safety & healthy workplaces



Building trauma informed workplaces




What others have to say about Lis speaking

In my role as CEO of PTSD Australia – New Zealand, FearLess Outreach, a Not-for-Profit organisation that advocates for better support and services for PTSD sufferers, I am fortunate to meet some incredible people who devote their lives to helping others through the power of their lived experiences.  I can readily say that Lis Cashin is one such person and her story has left an indelible mark on me and other members of the FearLess board.

In May 2022, Lis presented a webinar on her life story for our FearLess audience. The feedback we received from participants was extremely moving and reflected the intensity and passion of Lis’ presentation.  Her journey from a young teenage girl who was involved in a terrible accident to one where she is now helping people move on from their own individual traumas is a rewarding and emotional one. 

Lis is articulate, passionate and empathetic.  She is a persuasive and inspirational speaker who makes you feel as if you’re the only person in the room. Lis is also not afraid to rock the boat and offer solutions to critical issues facing our health systems.  She is a strong advocate for more targeted support to those suffering from mental health issues and trauma-related conditions.

I would recommend Lis unreservedly for those individuals and organisations seeking to build resilience and personal wellbeing.

Alex Gerrick

CEO, PTSD Australia – New Zealand, FearLess Outreach

“I was really enlightened at your talk last night. I’m a very black and white person, and have to work hard to see the grey, and you personified why it’s really important to look for the grey, or the things that are usually unsaid. You were a glowing testimony that everyone can make a choice, and when they do, they’re a powerful force to be reckoned with”

David Taylor

President of the Management Board & CEO, Hotel group

“Lis is an amazing speaker. She has spoken live at 2 events that I have run and each time been been utterly captivating. Her story is so compelling and hearing how she navigated through her life, to bring her to where she is today, is something everyone should hear. It is so inspirational and uplifting to see how to take something so tragic and find your way to happiness once again.”

Stacey McIntyre

Founder, Guildford Wellness Day


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