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My Self-help memoir ‘This is ME: my journey to mental wellbeing’


My life was devastated when, at just 13 years old, I accidentally killed a friend in a school sports day event. I then lived with undiagnosed PTSD and punished myself for many years.

At age 30 I was in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship, taking drugs and partying every weekend and my life was spiralling out of control. Until a breakthrough moment which changed the course of my life forever. In ‘This is ME’, I share my journey to mental wellbeing. I include insights I have gained and practices I have learned that can give support and a roadmap to others who want to transform their own mental wellbeing and live happier and more fulfilled lives.

This is ME won the #platinumawards best memoir award in 2019.

All profits go to the Young Minds mental health charity in the UK.


“This is an amazing book from an equally amazing woman! It’s such a heartbreaking story but one thank goodness with a happy and inspirational ending. Heartwarming, helpful and heroic – this book will truly touch and transform you in equal measure. An utterly brilliant book thank you to the author for her courage and compassion! Breathtaking.” 🙏

Lou Lebentz

Founder & CEO, The Trauma Thrivers

This is ME is a candid and compelling memoir navigating the difficult path of trauma; a journey travelled over decades moving from guilt and shame to self-compassion and healing.

But this is much more than a memoir, it is a brilliant insight into recovery for the mind, body and soul.”

Marina Cantacuzino

Founder, The Forgiveness Project


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