Hi, I’m Lis Cashin

Following experiencing major and relational trauma as a teenager and having no help to process what had happened, for many years life was a struggle for me. I lived with undiagnosed PTSD for over 30 years. I’d dread going to work, my relationships were a challenge and I often felt I had no control over what was happening to me. I felt that I should be happier, I should be more successful and I should be able to just get on with things. But I wasn’t and I couldn’t. I was often in mental and emotional turmoil and exhausted with trying to pretend that I was okay to the outside world (which I did for most of that time)

I felt a lot of shame around how I felt. I knew in my heart that my potential was far greater than the reality I was living, and yet no matter how hard I tried I just could not make my life to work the way I wanted it to.

And then one day on a sales training course (of all places!) I had a breakthrough moment that was the starting point of a complete turnaround of my life. It led me on a quest over the past 20 years to discover more about who I am, the impact of trauma and how it affects us on many levels, how to develop positive mental wellbeing, squash shame and create a life and business which I love.

My journey of recovery has been one of mind, body and spirit and I have needed all of these parts to feel balanced and whole. Now I am passionate about sharing all I have learned so that others can do this too.

I do this through my self-help memoir ‘ This is ME: my journey to mental wellbeing’, my work with women to develop self-love and self-worth and my speaking and training programmes designed to challenge the stigma around mental health and provide insights, tools and strategies to create positive mental wellbeing.


What do I love?


There is something about travelling to new destinations that brings me more alive. I love to test myself by travelling alone and by not planning too much of the journey, but seeing where the journey wants to take me once I arrive there.

The thought of that used to terrify me as I had to control everything in order to feel safe. But I have since discovered the sense of freedom I feel when I trust, surrender and follow my intuition. I highly recommend you give it a go if you haven’t already!

Years ago, when I was traumatised I used to find my escape route was going nightclubbing every week and taking drugs. When I stopped taking drugs I stopped clubbing but I really missed the music and dancing. So now I love going to music festivals and concerts, as well as 5 rhythms dancing where I get to dance and have fun, and the only ‘drug’ I’m on is the vitamins I take each day lol.

Having punished and abused myself for many years before I found a way to accept and forgive myself, I now prioritise my mental wellbeing and make sure that I have things in my diary to support this.

Every day I practice mindfulness and do some form of exercise. I make sure I get outside (in nature if at all possible) and eat as healthily as I can (mostly healthy but chips taste tooooo good!) I have amazing and supportive friends and family who I trust and can rely on and I reach out for professional support if I need it.

On my own journey to healing myself from PTSD, depression and a deep lack of self love, I am committed to guiding others through their own healing journeys so you too can start to live the life you truly love and deserve.

if you think I can help you then I’d love to hear from you!


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