According to the Thriving at Work report (2020) poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45bn each year – but it’s a cost that can be cut considerably the report says, by investing in the right support for employees. “The return on investment analysis of employee mental health interventions that we conducted as part of the research showed that it pays to support mental health at work – for each £1 spent on mental health interventions, employers get £5 back” said Elizabeth Hampson, Deloitte director and author of the 2017 and 2020 reports.

According to the UK mental health charity MIND, very few employees feel that their employers consistently promote their mental health. With the new challenges that the pandemic has thrown up it is more important than ever that organisations are supporting those who are struggling with their mental health as well as promoting positive mental wellbeing, through coaching and training initiatives. To find out more about what I offer, see my list of training sessions below.

Mental wellbeing training sessions include…

First Aid for Mental Health



Mental Health Awareness



Stress Management

Managing Conversations around mental health







The impact of the training continues to be felt in my own team who after the training said that they wanted more team meetings …. which is not a comment I have heard very often in my career.

My observation is that the training came at a great time for CGL Coventry & Warwickshire, and I would highly recommend the training for any organisation committed to promoting staff and client wellbeing.

From the initial enquiry to planning and presenting the training Lis was professional and thorough and her genuine desire to help people to gain the most from the training experience was exceptional.

Stephanie Jones

Psychosocial Team Leader, CGL


In this stress management workshop course delivered via zoom delegates learnt to recognise and understand stress. By the end of the session, participants had learnt coping mechanisms to use themselves or to support colleagues and young people.

Lis is clearly a passionate advocate for mental wellbeing; her approach is inclusive and engaging and she is able to draw on personal experience. Her delivery, pace of the training and the PowerPoint resources worked well, and she was clearly very comfortable answering questions. During this bespoke webinar Lis delivered what she said she would, and this was very well received by the audience.

Ammy Davies-Potter

Director of Guardianship and Inclusion, Boarding Schools Association, UK


Lis joined us during Mental Health Awareness week to give our teams an introduction to Mindfulness. She was absolutely fantastic, warm and engaging as well as speaking with authority. People who attended talked afterwards about how great it was, a refreshing change in the day and how it had helped them feel calmer. I highly recommend Lis, she’s inspiring, you won’t regret it.

Chyono Flynn

Head of Group Risk, Network Rail


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